Smokey the Bear - Fire Safety Week - At home, at school, in the forest Illustration

Fire Safety Week

Forest & Famous Fires,
History & Science of Fires

Fire Wars (Nova)

How fire extinguishers work

How smoke detectors work


Firefighter's Creed

Careers: So you want to be a firefighter?

For Parents

Tot Finders:

Many local fire departments offer TOT Finders to the public. These are stickers you can attach to your child’s bedroom window. Should your house ever be on fire, this sticker alerts your local fire department that there could be a child (or children) in these rooms.

Home Fire Escape Plans

Fire Escape Game

Fire Safety Tips

Kids Fire Safety Tips

Lesson Plans

Free Smokey Bear Bookmarks

Free Fire Safety Plays for the PK-2 Classroom

The Discovery of Fire - Early Humans (3-6 grades)